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Munchkin Russia

Munchkin Russia
Munchkin Russia
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Board Game
Score 5.87857
minplayers 3
maxplayers 6
maxplaytime 90
minplaytime 60
playingtime 90
Русский манчкин (Russian Munchkin) is a standalone game in the Munchkin series, with you no longer being a dwarf or cleric, but rather a formidable hacker, an influential oligarch, or an unstoppable Olympic champion. You can shoot at monsters with a pancake gun and hold a tame bear by the leash. Just don't forget to keep track of the calendar because in Russia it's important to dress for the weather. In this game, the changing seasons affect the strength of monsters and players, and the weather is extremely unstable. In harsh winters, monsters become ferocious, and it will take all your Cossack prowess to pave the way to the victorious tenth level along the broken roads!

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