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African Park

African Park
African Park
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Board Game
aggregateRating 5.92115
User Suggested Number of Players 2
Language Dependence No necessary in-game text
minplayers 2
maxplayers 4
maxplaytime 20
minplaytime 20
playingtime 20
User Suggested Player Age 6+
Each player is a ranger, managing a nature reserve. During each game round he needs to welcome a new animal, taking into account special living conditions and the animal’s needs. The player that learns how to place his animals in the reserve, making best use of the living conditions available in the area, obtains the highest score and will soon be the winner of the game. The game uses simple, fun, mechanics and attractive design. Each card represents a reserve animal that belongs to one of the available habitats. Each player must introduce a new animal per turn, respecting the right habitat and considering the co-existence with other animals already dwelling in the same reserve. Animals welcomed in the best way, in a large enough area, will give victory points to the player, animals mistreated (not given enough room in the reserve or eaten by other animals) will cause a loss of victory points to the player managing the area. Essen 2009 Release

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