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Board Game
Score 7.55882
minplayers 2
maxplayers 4
maxplaytime 120
minplaytime 60
playingtime 120
Impression is about the history of printing. You manage your own manufacturer to be the most successful in the book printing business. In the action phase, during your turn you choose to: - Place a tile from the common supply to the typesetter. You have as many steps with your tradesman as tiles that are within the same row and column where you placed the new tile. You move one of your assistants to an adjacent shop into a chosen room. OR - You make a reset. You choose to keep a lead letter or throw it away for resources, then all your assistants move into the shop's secondary room (if possible) and gain actions. Then an orders and contract phase begins where all players can buy 1 order and/or contract. Finally, a production phase comes where you progress with your orders. During your game, you develop your own manufacturer, obtain new abilities, travel and build factories, collect tiles, fulfill orders. At the end of the game, whoever has the most victory points wins. —description from the publisher