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My Little Scythe: Pie in the Sky
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Pie in the Sky begins on the eve of the 3000th Harvest Tournament, where stories are retold of Pomme’s ancient animals venturing into distant lands to establish their own kingdoms. To accomplish this, Pomme’s founders worked together to build the legendary Airship Kai, imbuing it with the best knowl..
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The art book is a 104-page, full-color, hardback collection of the art featured in Scythe, as well as other pieces in Jakub Rozalski's acclaimed 1920s series...
Wingspan: Oceania Expansion
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Wingspan: Oceania Expansion focuses on birds in Australia and New Zealand. It's designed by Elizabeth Hargrave and features birds illustrated by Natalia Rojas and Ana Maria Martinez...
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Officially licensed mat from Stonemaier Games! This mat was designed and optimized by the board game company, giving you exactly what you need from the board. A direct upgrade to your normal Scythe board that comes out of the box.The Scythe Neoprene Mat is approximately 36" x 28" and made out of pol..
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Choose from a variety of new civilizations, pursue individual achievements to add landmarks to your capital city, and sneakily interact with the opposition in this first expansion for Tapestry. —description from the publisher..
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In Pendulum, each player is a powerful, unique noble vying to succeed the Timeless King as the true ruler of Dünya. Players command their workers, execute stratagems, and expand the provinces in their domain in real time to gain resources and move up the four victory tracks: power, prestige, popular..
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The Viticulture Essential Upgrade Pack turns a second-edition copy of Viticulture into the Essential Edition. The Tuscany expansions in this pack (Properties [now called Fields], Mamas & Papas, advanced and new visitors, and Automa [solo variant]) were hand-picked by famed de..
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