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Army Painter

Army Painter - Green Stuff
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DescriptionThe original Kneadatite (best known as Green Stuff) is used by model makers and hobbyists for conversions, filling mold lines and sculpting miniatures. Hardens fast with a 20-30 minutes worktime for molding & only 8 hours to fully dry. Mix equal parts of yellow & blue putty until ..
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DescriptionThese spectacular and highly specialized drybrushes give ultra-realistic results and very smooth coverage - revealing every detail of your miniature with ease. The brushes are versatile and can be used for both large models, terrain, and vehicles as well as any normal-sized model. The res..
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DescriptionMade of best quality of fiber synthetic hair for the perfect paint job. Has a triangular precision grip to ensure perfect control and comfort. Contents: 3x different brushesHobby: Standard BrushDesigned specifically for base coating miniatures and perfect size for achieving smooth, e..
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