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Instant glue

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Cyanocrylate Adhesive, GEL FORMULAThis single component high viscosity no-drip gel cyanoacrylate adhesive is ideal for bonding porous materials or when controlling adhesive flow is critical. Offers maximum gap-filling and repositioning time. Drying time 5-10 seconds.CONTENT: 1x 20gr. ..
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CA-Glue ActivatorGSW's cyanoacrylate adhesive accelerator, solvent-free alcohol-based, conveniently bottled in a mist spray format for a quick and easy use.The Activator can be sprayed before or after applying the adhesive, but it works best when spraying onto the surface to be glued before applying..
Cyanocrylate Adhesive 20gr.
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Cyanocrylate AdhesiveHigh-quality single-component cyanoacrylate glue with high resistance after drying. Easy application, waterproof, and clear when dry. Drying time 5-10 seconds.CONTENT: 1x 20gr. glue bottle RECOMMENDATIONS:- Use Glue tips available at our site to extend the lifetime of ..
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Tuft GlueWater-soluble high-tack adhesive specifically designed to create auto-adhesive and repositionable model Static Grass or Field Grass. Helps flock maintain its shape and vertical position. Tufts can be pre-made or made in its final position. Transparent when dry.Its specia..
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