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Venators have mastered the unique firearm called the reiver. These horrific weapons fire bursts of iron needles that shred their targets. With a lethal swarm of concentrated fire, Venators tear into the most imposing targets, making them among the most valued specialists in the Army of the Western R..
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Brave kriel warriors gather to fight in defense of their lands and form the core of Trollblood armies. More than simple brutes, these trollkin can survive injuries that would kill a human outright, and the war shamans who train and lead them call mighty powers from their goddess to form the warriors..
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Scarabs are enormous, ravenous insect-like creatures native to the Trembling Waste. Skorne beast handlers drive scarabs mad with hunger, then loose them onto the battlefield in advance of a main force to consume any living thing in their path. The terrifying sight of these voracious beasts swarming ..
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City of Lost Omens is the latest release in the Pathfinder Battles series of pre-painted plastic miniatures from WizKids and Paizo Inc.This fantastic City of Lost Omens Case Incentive contains two beautiful display pieces that stand several inches tall and dwarf the other miniatures in the Pathfinde..
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Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts come with highly-detailed figures, primed and ready to paint out of the box. These fantastic miniatures include deep cuts for easier painting. The packaging displays these miniatures in a clear and visible format, so customers know exactly what they are getting.Key Featu..
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Dungeons Deep is the latest 51 - figure set release in the award - winning Pathfinder Battles line of miniatures from Paizo Inc. and WizKids Games!Dungeons Deep features friends and foes from the world of Golarion , and is sure to please Pathfinder fans new and veteran alike! Pathfinder Battles: Dun..
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The Darklands are inhabited by dangerous creatures from the deepest reaches of Golarion. Collect all 52* figures from Darklands Rising, including monstrous foes from the depths.Pathfinder Battles: Darklands Rising fantasy miniatures come in two product configurations the Standard Booster and the Sta..
D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures: Storm Giant
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As a measure to avoid abuse of the replacement system a request cannot contain more than 5 unique components. Please email for additional assistance if you need more than 5 unique components replaced. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to be able to resolve you..
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Collect all 44 figures from Set 9, the newest set of randomly sorted monsters, heroes, villains, and more in our exciting line of D&D miniatures, Icons of the Realms!D&D Icons of the Realms: Set 9 fantasy miniatures come in two product configurations, the Standard Booster and the Standard Bo..
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WizKids, the industry leader in quality pre-painted plastic miniatures, is pleased to bring the heroes, villains, and monsters from the world of Dungeons & Dragons® Forgotten Realms® to life in this latest series of fantasy miniatures! Collect all 54 figures from Monster Menagerie 2, te newest s..
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